Monday, 8 April 2013

Snake and ladder design

In this article, the idea is to put out a simple design for the snake and ladder game which you can probably use in your college assignments or while building your first games using some programming language. Everyone is aware of the of the game and the rules for playing it. I shall not put it down here, rather delve into creating the class diagram for the same.

Snake and Ladder is a board game and is played by 1 or more players. Board contains numbers 1 to 100 and the player who reaches 100 the first is the winner. The game has various obstacles in the form of snakes which will swallow the player , and move the player down and there are various helpers in the form of ladders as well, which will take the player forward from one location to another. The play starts with the player rolling the dice and the dice number determines the conditions during the game.There are rules which determine when a player can start playing and you can decide what are they before starting the game. Ex: A player needs to roll out 6 on the dice to start the game. There are also rules that decides whether the user has  another chance to play if the user climbs the ladder or rolls out 6 on dice. All these rules have to be decided in the beginning of the game.

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